Diagram; Annual production cycle

Pecan Nut.

Tree trimming

Pruning: Pruning consists of the elimination of old or dry branches to renew outbreaks and aims to control the size of trees in plantations, to let light penetrate all the levels of the crown and to facilitate the operational activities of the orchard. The best time to perform these activities is when the tree is in its resting phase.


Irrigation: Irrigation is carried out all year round from March to September, it is the greatest need for watering trees, in winter it is much lower. The quality and quantity of water is decisive for a good harvest. The use of irrigation systems and adequate technical management is essential for productive success.


Fertilización: Fertilization is the activity in which, the tree is given nourishment for its proper development; this action is carried out in two ways: the soil and the leaves. The nutrients vary every year, according to the needs of vigor and productive load of the trees, as well as the availability and quality of the water. Incorrect fertilization is the potential for chemical contamination of the nut produced. The tree fertilization program is designed and supervised by certified personnel in the management of these inputs.

Soil preparation

Soil preparation: Soil preparation has several objectives in the development of trees, among which stand out, the reduction of soil compaction, have an adequate floor to perform operational activities such as the spraying of agrochemicals and harvesting activities, besides the adequate management of the weeds inside the orchards in a mechanical and chemical way.

Pest control

Pest and Disease Control: Pest control activities focus on the proper management of the insects that feed on fruits and leaves of the pecan tree and the diseases that impact the growth and development of the pecan. The presence of pests varies during each cycle, as well as throughout the cycle and is highly influenced by weather conditions. This activity is the one with the highest contamination potential for pecans, so it is handled by highly trained personnel.


Harvest: It is the stage in which the fruits obtained at the end of the season are harvested, the beginning of these activities is determined by the ripeness of the fruit (month of October). This work can be carried out manually (Vareando) or mechanically (vibrator / sweeper / harvester).

Process flow shelled Pecans