With the intention of getting closer to our Pecan Growers and full compliance with the applicable SQF code, La Nogalera initiated a Supplier Development Program by the name of PFP for its name in Spanish, where we help them to comply with the Good Agricultural Practices and the possibility to get the GlobalGAP certification.


La Nogalera subcontracts an Agricultural Consulting firm focused on Pecan fields and accredited as a Farm Assurer by GlobalGAP. Invites suppliers from all Chihuahua State to participate voluntarily in the program. Those accepting the invitation, are visited by the Consulting firm, diagnosed and advised as far as Good Agricultural Practices to be able to access any of the 3 Certification levels in the same season.


La Nogalera USA, Inc. is fully aware of the requirements set at the FSMA. Food Safety Modernization Act.

Even although we are already a GMP and HACCP manufacturer, our manufacturing processes have the ¨Kill Step¨ validated by a third party. Our facilities are SQF 8 certified, a GFSI recognized certification.